How to Make a Simple Cat Costume

Are you invited to a costume party, but don’t want to dress up per say? Are people at working dressing up, but you aren’t sure you want to get in full costume? Well, this might just be the perfect costume for you. This causal cat costume will help you dress up for Halloween in a low key and inexpensive way.

Things you’ll Need:

Black Sweater
Black leggings or Trousers
Black Head Band
Black Felt
Fabric Glue
Face Paint
Black Fabric
Cat Tail
Safety Pins

Putting your Casual Cat Costume Together:

Step 1: Find black clothes. It is best to wear black leggings or form fitting trousers. A black sweater or turtle neck works for the top. Don’t forget black shoes and socks.

Step 2: Make a head band with cat ears by cutting to ears out of the black felt and gluing them on the headband. You can use cardboard in between two pieces of fabric to make them stand up.

Step 3: Make a tail using black fabric. Use fabric glue to make the seams and stuff the tube with fabric scraps or paper. Pin the tail to the back of your pants.  You can also pin it to your waist band if you are wearing a longer shirt.

Step 4: Make a cat nose and whiskers on you face with face paint. You can also use black eyeliner if you don’t have any face paint. The cats nose can be black or pink, the whiskers should be black.

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