How to Make a Snow White Costumes

If you looking to have an enchanted evening this Halloween you may want to dress as one of the Disney Princesses. Snow White was the very first princess to grace the Disney screen and her classic and simple attire makes her a popular choice for many fans.  If you want to have a happily ever after this Halloween the following instructions to make your own Snow White costume will help.


Things You’ll Need:

Yellow Full Skirt
Blue Velvet Body Suit
Red Felt
Black Wig
Red Ribbon
White Ballet Slippers
Make Up

Putting your Snow White Costume Together:

Step 1: If you can’t sew your own exact replica of Snow White’s dress you can put an ensemble together that looks very similar. Find a short sleeve blue velvet body suit. Trim the arm cuffs with red felt. Wear a full length puffy yellow skirt with the body suit.  Use the red ribbon to make a sash for the waist. The sash should be tied in a bow in front.

Step 2: Snow White has black wavy hair. Buy a wig from a costume shop that looks similar to Snow White’s hair if you don’t have black hair already. Tie some red ribbon like a headband with a bow on the top of your head.

Step 3: The finishing touches are simple for this costume. White ballet flats or slippers work well for Snow White’s shoes. Snow White would also have a little make up on. Namely, she would wear bright red lipstick and have rosy red cheeks.

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