How to Make A Tin Man Costume

I pulled the original Tin Man's costume picture from internet and made this for my son with a lot of love and care.

Things You'll Need:

Foam backing for laminate
plastic axe
Silver&black face paint
silver material
plastic tin man hat
Plastic silver button or

Putting your Tin man Together

Step 1: measure shoulder width cut oval from laminated silver foam and also cut the barrel long enough to go around the shoulder circumference

Step 2: When sewing barrel around the shoulder you must cut arm hole in the barrel and leave space for the arm on the shoulder piece.

Step 3: Also on the shoulder make sure you cut a hole for the neck and cut a collar from laminate material , enough for a high collar .

Step 4: Cut out from laminate material a bow tie and sew black elastic to it .

Step 5: From non foam back silver material cut and sew together a basic pants, on the outside of pants you can sew patches or a cord around upper thigh .

Submitted by LAURIE RANSOM, San Francisco , Ca.

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If you love classic movies and broadway plays this Tin Man costume will get your wheels spinning. Best of all you don’t even need any help from the Wizard of Oz to put this one together! With a little elbow grease and a lot of heart your Tin Man costume will be a Halloween hit.


Things You’ll Need:

Duct Tape
Old Jeans
Old Puffy Jacket
Shoes or Boots
Tin Foil
Silver Face Paint

Putting your Tin Man Costume Together:

Step 1: Find an old jacket, old gloves and an old pair of jeans around the house or purchase them inexpensively from a second hand store. Use the duct tape to wrap these garments. They should be covered in duct tape, but still maintain their original shape, so don’t wrap to tight. You will also wrap your shoes or boots in duct tape.

Step 2. The cardboard box that you use needs to be big enough to wear over top the jacket and jeans. Cut a hole in the top and sides for your arms and head. Leave the bottom of the box open for your body. Cover the box in tin foil and duct tape, leaving the holes open for your arms and head.

Step 3: To put the finishing touches on your Tin Man costume you will cover the funnel in duct tape and use a clip or pin to hold it in place on your head. You will use silver Halloween face paint to cover your entire face.


Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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