How to Make a Transformers Costumes

Do you want to be a robot in disguise this Halloween? Would you like for your costume to be more than meets the eye? If you are thinking of making your own Transformers costume you are in luck because there are plenty of ways that you can get creative with this one. With a little money, and a lot of creativity you can be the best Optimus Prime on the block.


Things You’ll Need:

Paper Towel Tubes
Black Clothes
Transformers Mask

Putting your Transformers Costume Together:

Step 1: Get one medium to large sized box that is perfectly square to make the body of the costume. You will need to cut a hole in the top for your head, a hole in the bottom for your torso and a hole in each side for your arms.

Step 2: Get two identical boxes that are rectangle in shape. Cut a hole in the top and bottom of each. You will wear theses as sleeves, so make sure your arms fit through.  Do the exact same thing with two identical rectangle boxes for your legs.

Step 3: To make exhaust pipes for your costume use the empty paper towel rolls. Cut them in different lengths and glue them to the backside of the body box of the costume.

Step 4: Paint your boxes to match your favorite Transformer. With the arms and legs paint a weapon on one side, and a tire on the other. This way when you rotate the box around your arm or leg it transforms you from robot to vehicle.

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