How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume

Wether you are staring opposite your super hero boyfriend, or you just want to dress up like Wonder Woman all by your lonesome, you can make your own costume that stops traffic. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy costume to be this Justice league heroine. With a little creativity and resourcefulness you will be stopping the bad guys in their tracks.


Things You’ll Need:

Red Halter Bikini Top
Blue Bikini Bottoms
Gold Belt
White Fabric Paint
Gold Fabric Paint
Gold Spray Paint
Red Knee High Boots
Red Cape
Gold Tiara

Putting your Wonder Woman Costume Together:

Step 1: The base of Wonder Woman’s costume is the most important. You need a bikini top that is red and goes to the waist. Pair it with a pair of standard blue bikini bottoms. Use the white fabric paint to paint stars on the blue bikini bottoms. Use the gold fabric paint to paint the the neck line of the bikini top gold.

Step 2: You will need a gold belt to go overtop the base of the outfit. The belt should be solid gold and wide width. You will attach the rope to the belt. It will hang at your side like a lasso. Before you hang the rope from the belt paint it gold using the spray paint.

Step 3: To finish the costume off you will need a cape, a gold tiara and a pair of red knee high boots. Vinyl boots are best. The cape can be any basic red costume cape. Once these three things are in place you ready to fight crime.

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