How-to Make a Zombie Costume

Are you going for gross this year with your Halloween costume? Do you want a costume that will really make people gasp in horror? Well, this zombie costume should do the trick. Best of all, it is gross, easy to make, inexpensive and most of the stuff you need you already own. So, follow the instructions below and get ready to walk the night with the undead.


Things you’ll Need:

Old Shirt
Old Pants
Face Paint
Red Food Coloring
Fake Blood

Putting your Zombie Costume Together:

Step 1: Make your clothes look horrifying. Mix the red food coloring with a little bit of water and splash it on your shirt to make it look like blood splatters. Take your jeans and make them look dirty taking them outside and getting a few grass stains on them. Put a rip in one knee, or make back pocket half hang off.

Step 2: To make you look like a zombie you need to mix gray and white face paint together to give your skin and undead appearance. Then, use the fake blood to make it look like your face is bleeding. Drip some fake blood down your neck and arms.

Step 3: The finishing touch is the one that makes you look like you just climbed from the grave. Dust your hair, clothes and skin lightly with flour. Now, you are ready to walk the night and frighten all who encounter you. Don’t forget to walk with a stiff and mindless limp.

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