How to Make an Alice in Wonderland Costume

Take a trip to a fantasy land this Halloween and dress as Alice from the classic fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. Although she visited a complicated world filled with fascinating creatures Alice was quite simple. The following instructions will have you looking like you just tripped down the rabbit hole into your own Wonderland.


Things You’ll Need:

Plain Blue Dress
White Apron
Blonde Wig
White Ruffle Socks
Black Mary Jane Shoes

Putting your Alice in Wonderland Costume Together:

Step 1: As with most female fairy tale costumes the dress is the most important part of your Alice in Wonderland costume. The dress should be light blue, with puffy sleeves and a full knee length skirt. You can make one like this or find one at a second hand shop.

Step 2: Pair your light blue dress with a jumper style white apron. The apron should have a ruffled hem.

Step 3: In most depictions, Alice is wearing black Mary Jane style shoes with either white tights or white ruffle socks. These can be purchased at any local shoe store or second hand shop.

Step 4: Alice has long blonde shoulder length hair that is completely straight. You can find a wig like this at any costume shop if you do not have blonde hair. Whether you choose to wear the wig or go natural, you need to tie a black ribbon bow on the top of your head. Alice should also have very natural make-up because she is a little girl.


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