How to Make an Astronaut Costume

Blasting off to your next Halloween party in a homemade astronaut costume will surely make you the talk of the town. The best part is you don’t need to have attended space school or be a rocket scientist to put this costume together. The following instructions will help you look out of this world this Halloween!


Things You’ll Need:

White Painter Jump Suit
Empty Soda Bottles 2 Liter
White Gloves
White Snow Boots
White Helmet
Iron on Letters
Silver Fabric Paint
Duct Tape

Putting your Astronaut Costume Together:

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is turn a standard painter jumpsuit into a astronaut jump suit. Paint stripes on each of the legs of the jump suit on the outside using the silver fabric paint. Do the same thing on each of arms of the jump suit. Use the iron on letters to spell NASA on the jump suit.

Step 2: To make your air pack you will use the two empty two liter soda bottles. First, paint the two soda bottles silver to give them a metal appearance. Next, use the duct tape to hold the two soda bottles together. Attach the two soda bottles to the back of the jumpsuit with glue.

Step 3: The finishing touches on your astronaut costume involve the gloves and helmet. You can leave the gloves plain or add some silver accents at the wrist. The helmet should have NASA on it. Use fabric paint or craft paint to paint NASA on the helmet.

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  • Hassiba

    Nice costume. What about the collar? any tips how did you make it look “thicker”?

  • You could probably use some insulation foam and wrap or glue the fabric around it.