How to Make an Elf Costume

Whether you are dressing up for Christmas or Halloween, you can make an eye catching elf costume all on your own. With a few things gathered from here and there you will be the talk of the town. Or, shall we say the talk of the North Pole?


Things You’ll Need:

Green or Red Tights
Green Oversized Vest
Red Oversized Turtle Neck
Large Buttons
Craft Pom Poms
Large Craft Bells
Needle Thread
Fabric Glue
Santa Cap
Ankle Slippers
Large/Wide Black Belt or Rope

Putting your Elf Costume Together:


Step 1: You need to make your turtle neck and vest more elf authentic. To do this, cut the hems of each in a zig zag pattern all the way around. Take any existing buttons off the vest and replace them with the large buttons. If you don’t know how to sew use fabric glue. When dressing, the turtleneck is the dress and the vest and belt go overtop. You can also replace the belt with a rope tied around the waist.

Step 2: Use the craft pom poms to dress up the ankle slippers you are using. One pom pom on the front of each slipper will do. Add two craft bells to each of the slippers as well. You will probably have to stitch them on, unless your slipper has a tie or lace you can attach the to.

Step 3: To make your Santa hat stand straight up, stuff it with newspaper. You cam also adorn it with plastic mistletoe or write your name on the front in glitter glue.

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