How to Make an Octopus Costume

Whether your dressing up your little one or dressing up yourself, dressing like an animal is fun and creative. However, if you really want your costume to stand out in a crowd you can’t dress like a bunny or cat, making an octopus costume will really turn heads. Plus, it is not as hard as one would think to make this costume at home.


Things you’ll Need:

Green Sweatpants
Green Hooded Sweat Jacket
Green Knit Fabric
Two White Foam Balls
Black Felt
Purple Felt
Fabric Glue or Needle and Thread
Old Newspaper

Putting your Octopus Costume Together:

Step 1: First, you need to get a green sweat suit. The pants should fit like normal sweatpants, but the zip up hooded jacket to match should be larger and have room.

Step 2: Buy knit fabric to match the sweat suit that you bought. Make six tentacles out of this fabric. To make the tentacles you will make tubes. You can either sew them or cut the strips and glue the seam with fabric glue to make the tube. You will also extend the sleeves of the sweat jacket so your arms can be two tentacles. To complete the tentacles cut circles out of purple felt and glue an even number to each tentacle. Stuff the tentacles with old newspaper.

Step 3: To make the eyes of the octopus use the two large white foam balls. Cut two black pupils out of the felt and glue one to each foam ball. Glue the foam balls to the hood of the jacket, one to each side.

Step 4: To complete the costume glue or sew the tentacles to the sweat jacket. Make sure to space them out and remember your arms are two of the tentacles. Once that is done you can put the suit on, pull the hood up and float on your merry way.

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