How-to Make a Tin Man Costumes

I pulled the original Tin Man's costume picture from internet and made this for my son with a lot of love and care.

Things You'll Need:

Foam backing for laminate
plastic axe
Silver&black face paint
silver material
plastic tin man hat
Plastic silver button or

Putting your Tin man Together

Step 1: measure shoulder width cut oval from laminated silver foam and also cut the barrel long enough to go around the shoulder circumference

Step 2: When sewing barrel around the shoulder you must cut arm hole in the barrel and leave space for the arm on the shoulder piece.

Step 3: Also on the shoulder make sure you cut a hole for the neck and cut a collar from laminate material , enough for a high collar .

Step 4: Cut out from laminate material a bow tie and sew black elastic to it .

Step 5: From non foam back silver material cut and sew together a basic pants, on the outside of pants you can sew patches or a cord around upper thigh .

Submitted by LAURIE RANSOM, San Francisco , Ca.

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