Illusion Costumes

Some of the most impressive types of costumes are illusion costumes. As the name implies, they create the illusion that the person inside of the costume is attached to another person, object or creature. The most common type of illusion costumes make the costume wearer look like they are riding a horse or other animal or that another person is carrying them. Of course there is only one person inside of the costume, which is what makes it so deceptive.

Illusion costumes are generally very elaborate and take a lot of planning. There are all kinds of illusion costume ideas that make the wearer look as though they are riding on an animal, not just cowboys riding on horses. Video game fans might wear a Mario Riding Yoshi costume, while a Princess might look as though she is riding a dragon or unicorn. Other types of illusion costumes can make the wearer look like they are sitting on top of something, like a gnome sitting on top of a mushroom or a baby sitting in a bassinet. These are pulled off by concealing everything from the hips down and again using fake legs and a prop.

Some other types of elaborate illusion costumes make it seem like the wearer is being carried by another person or monster. An example of this type of illusion costume might be a gorilla carrying a girl in a cage or a pirate carrying a mermaid in a chest. These costumes are very time consuming and difficult to build, but worthwhile. It’s a good idea when designing your own homemade illusion costume to read some step by step how-to articles to get an idea on how to build them yourself.

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