Infant Dragon Costume

Infant Dragon Costume - CostumePopKids love dragons in much the same way that they love dinosaurs.  The notion that dragons could have somehow been real in some way, is enough to spark any youngster’s imagination. An infant dragon costume is a costume that will find itself being worn not just at Halloween, but year round.  You will see your little dragon flying about tossing imaginary fireballs for hours and hours in this Dragon Infant/Toddler Costume.  Any toddler costume that can transform your little angel into a little monster is definitely fun for one and all.

The Dragon Infant/Toddler Costume is about as fun as a kid’s costume can get.  This dragon costume features a great print design on the fabric that is highly detailed.  Green scales patterns cover this fun jumpsuit, which also has a long tail complete with dinosaur-like spikes and wings.  Further flushing out this awesome dragon look is a hood that sports three long spikes.  All in all, this is one intense and kind of scary toddler costume.  Nobody is going to want to tangle with your little dragon when he or she is wearing this monstrous dragon costume.

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