Infant Lady Bug Costumes

Infant Lady Bug Costume Some insects are remarkably beautiful and worthy of our admiration.  Ladybugs are among nature’s most beautiful insects.  Their coloration is truly unique, and is instantly recognized by most people.  One amazing fact about ladybugs is that there are over 5,000 species of ladybugs in the world today.

Why Wear a Ladybug Costume?

Another surprising fact is that your average, run of the mill ladybug can actually be helpful to humans.  Ladybugs are often used as a form of natural insect control.  The Mall of America in Minnesota has went so far as to actually release thousands of ladybugs to control pests in their indoor gardens!  So while some insects are viewed as being potentially harmful to humans, the ladybug is seen as our friend.

This Year Dress Your Child up as a Lady Bug

With such great public relations, it’s no wonder that the ladybug costume has become a popular cute costume.  One particularly cute infant costume is the Infant Lady Bug Costume.  Taking a hint from nature, this adorable infant costume has a red and black polka-dot dress and matching wings that will have everyone in a state of “cute overload.”  Don’t be surprised to hear “how cute” and “oooh’s and ahhhh’s” when everyone sees your little darling wearing this fabulously adorable Halloween costume.

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