Infant Toddler Kitty Cat Costumes


Finding cute infant costumes is a fun way to have some great photographic memories.  Having your child in a cute costume, doesn’t just mean Halloween fun, it also means great snapshots too!  There is cute, then there is stunningly, ridiculous cute.  The Lil’ Kitty Elite Collection Infant/Toddler Costume most definitely falls into the later category.  Everyone loves cats and who wouldn’t love seeing an adorable baby dressed like a cute kitty?

This infant/toddler kitty cat costume is sure to bring smiles with it wherever it might go.  This cat costume blends white, pink and black together so well, and in such an adorable fashion that all are sure to be mesmerized by the combination.  Velour lined, this kitty costume is definitely comfortable and even comes with skid resistant booties, with pink paw prints and a neat hood with kitty cat ears.

There are snap-leg closures for easy changing of diapers, making the Lil’ Kitty Elite Collection Infant/Toddler Costume one that has put a lot of thought into not just the look of the costume, but its functionality as well.  What a great combination, a super-cute infant costume that is easy to use.  Finding a toddler costume that takes such issues as diaper changing into account is a marvelous idea that any parent will appreciate.

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