Infant Toddler Sheep Costumes


There is cute, and then there is super-cute.  Two of the cutest things in the world are babies and sheep.  Like puppies, kitten and baby dolphins, babies and sheep are among the cutest things you are going to find anywhere on earth.  Now, imagine how cute it is to put an adorable baby into a sheep costume!  Super-cute doesn’t even come close to covering the level of cute that is achieved by combining these two cuteness superstars!

The Lamb Infant/Toddler Costume is one of those toddler costumes that will put a big and wide smile on everyone’s face, no matter what mood they may be in.  Can you even imagine anyone being down or sad with an infant costume this cute?  Probably not, as this fuzzy little lamb white toddler costume is just so cuddly.  The ears, feet and hand areas are offset with a deep black, and there is a neat little black bow to elevate the cuteness to an entire new level.

This fun hooded jumpsuit is one of those outfits that will likely be worn all the time, simply because its so comfortable and so cute.  No doubt everyone will agree you have the cutest lamb they have ever seen!

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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