Internet Costumes

Internet costumes are a lot of fun for Halloween, costume parties or just because. Internet meme inspired costumes are especially amusing to people who understand the joke or the reference. These type of costumes are usually only understood by groups of people who are active in online communities and tend to go over the heads of people who are only casual internet users. But internet costume ideas don’t just have to relate to internet memes but can relate to anything internet related in a technology sense as well, making them also fall under the category of computer costumes.

Some popular internet memes translate very well into a costume. A cat costume can be turned into a lolcat costume by simple adding some kind of text caption of “capshun” with misspelled phrases such as “I can haz.” Another costume that translates very well into an internet costume idea is an ORLY Owl costume which requires a white owl costume and some kind of text that says “ORLY?” visible. Another classic example of a meme costume is a Keyboard cat costume, which is based on a popular online video.

Internet costume can also relate to things like internet errors, browsers and other technical things, rather than memes. Firefox costumes are based on the internet browser called Firefox and feature a fox and a blue globe. A 404 Error costume might be pretty plain with an error message written across it. Some internet costumes are based on websites, such as a Facebook costume or a Youtube costume. But no matter what kind of internet costume you decide to wear, just keep in mind that not everyone will get it.

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