Internet Meme HallowMEME Party

If you feel like pirate parties have been overdone and you're looking for a fresh costume party idea, then look no further than the interwebs. Urlesque and Known Your Meme threw a big bash for Halloween called the HallowMEME Party where everyone dressed up like Keyboard Cats, Rick Astley, 3 Wolf Moon, Interrupting Kanyes and all kinds of other internet memes. Even the infamous Star Wars Kid meme made an appearance. An Internet Meme costume party works for everyone because you guests can choose to wear a very simple or cheap costume or go as elaborate as they wish. It's a fun idea with potential for a lot of funny costumes and creativity.

Another thing that's really great about an internet meme costume party is that a party game is already built right into the idea: name that meme! Not every meme will be as easy to recognize so guests will have fun trying to figure out each meme. Decorations for an internet meme costume party could include random pictures and captions stuck the wall. Lolcat captions and emoticons would be great for photo opportunities.

HallowMEME Party Photos via Urlesque

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