Ipod Dancers

We decided to dress up as Ipod dancers. One day I was in the store and saw the Itunes gift card and noticed the Ipod dancers on the card. I thought it would be a neat idea to look like the silhouettes dancing in the Ipod commercials and on the gift cards. We dressed in all black and accented our costumes with colorful accessories to help our silhouette stand out. We made large Ipods and danced around the entire night. Several people commented on our costume and recognized what we were. As you can see one dancer used red to accentuate her costume. The other Ipod dancer used blue colors to accent the costume. Each of us wore converse shoes because we felt it would also add to the costume. We painted our faces black and tied bandanas around our head. We had a lot of fun with this costume and hope that others enjoy it as well.

Submitted by Kelly ,

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