Iron Man Costumes

This is a custom costume I made for the movie release/Nan desu Kan 2008/halloween. Took me a week to make and still tweaking to perfection.

Costume Mods

Num.Num=How many time been upgraded

-Neck piece v3.0
-Flip Helmet with lighted eyes v4.0 "yes i can see out of them too"
-Hidden mic in helmet "When spoken in to sounds like a robot v3.0
-Chest light v2.0
-Repulsor Gaunlets v2.0
-2 Hidden Speakers hooked up to an mp3 player "IronMan theme song" v2.0
-Boots v2.0
-Shoes v2.0
-Croach piece v2.0
-Abdominal area v3.0
-Added Fuselage v2.0
-Added Side Vents v1.0

Submited by Anthony Le, Northglenn, Co

Inspiration from the movie and comic book series. Costume made out of high impact urethane plastic.

Submitted by Anthony Le, Northglenn, Co

Iron Man Heavy Artillery Costume

I'm wearing the Homemade Iron Man Heavy Artillery Costume. It's a different suit from the red and gold Iron Man suit you see in the movie. The reason why I chose this suit is because I'm a big guy, and this armor is more tank-like than the movie and comic book version. It fits my body better than the more sleeker Iron Man design. I love the way I look in this suit.

This costume is homemade. It is made out of cardboard, foam bored, bondo, and fiberglass. It took me about 7 months to make. A lot of time and heart went into it so I really hope you enjoy.

Submitted by Sean Shaw, Los Angeles, CA

IronMan MKV Extremis Costume

My second Ironman costume which is the MKV, Which is the Extremis armor from the comic book series. But this build is the movie version of the Extremis. Only a hand full of leaked photos. I decided to create the Very first MKV extremis movie armor. Some of the armor still need to be tweaked and detailed. enjoy.

Addtional Info
Build material:
-High impact urethane plastic
-700+ rivet n washer used so far
-2 part resin "urethane" helmet.

Armor info
-Thigh completed v.1.0
-Shin's Completed v.1.0
-Chest plate/piece completed v.1.0
-Abdominal area "super flex, move as i move" v.1.0
-Armored shoes
-shoulder bells
-Neck guard

Submited by Anthony Le, Northglenn, Co

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