Japanese Costumes

Japanese culture has inspired many unique styles of costumes from ancient Japanese traditions all the way up to modern pop culture and entertainment. Traditional Japanese styles of dress can be fun to simulate. Even recent fashion trends in Japan are so exciting that they inspire unique costume ideas.

Some of the first costume ideas that come to mind when referencing Japan would of course be Ninjas. Ninja costumes are all black and generally include a face mask, katana and some kind of gloves. Other common accessories might include a belt, shuriken or sai. Another popular type of warrior from Japan is the Samurai. Samurai warriors, much like knights, were considered noble and wore unique armor and carried swords. Another common traditional Japanese costume is a geisha costume. Geishas are traditional Japanese entertainers who wear white makeup on their face, beautiful kimonos and wear their hair up with decorated combs.

Looking for more modern Japanese costume ideas you might turn to Harajuku Girls. Harajuku Girls are a group of young Japanese American back up dancers that are famous for their outrageous outfits on stage. Another modern Japanese costume idea is a ganguro girl. Ganguro girls are known for bleaching their hair blond, getting dark orange tans and wearing white make up. This fashion trend is a bold statement against traditional black hair and porcelain skin that’s natural in Japan. Usually ganguro girls wear bright colored outfits and platform shoes.

Other fun Japanese costumes ideas might include anime or video game characters. Anime costumes are extremely popular all over the world. This trend of dressing up like your favorite anime or video game character is commonly referred to as cosplay, which is short for “costume play.” While originally an English word, the word came from the Japanese tendency to abbreviate words.

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