Jasmine Princess Costume – Adult


Do you have a Halloween party or a costume party coming up, and really want to “knock everyone’s socks off?” Then try showing up without any socks wearing this captivating Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Adult Costume.  The character of Jasmine, from Aladdin, makes for a wonderful adult costume that will delight both fans of the film and fans of well-designed costumes.  Disney is responsible for some of the most remembered characters of all time, and they have also created some truly stunning costume concepts.  One such concept has to be this Aladdin costume.

Those looking for a women’s costume that will be a big hit can definitely count on the Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Adult Costume to deliver.  Attention to detail distinguishes this costume from the blue short top to the sparkle peplum and bejeweled headpiece.  A closer look at this Disney costume quickly tells you that a great deal of attention was put into its design.

You will remember how enchanting this Disney classic was once you have put on the costume and can see yourself dressed as this classic character.  The Jasmine costume is fun, young and energetic, perfect for any Halloween party or costume party.  Just remember to bring some socks and shoes with you for that trip home!

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