Jasmine Princess Costume – Toddler/Child Costumes

Ask most people what they most remember about the Disney animated film Aladdin, and you will probably hear something enthusiastic about Robin Williams’ performance as The Genie. Perhaps you will also hear some comments about the quality of the animation and how great the costumes were.

Disney did not fail to impress with its costume concepts in Aladdin.  A testament to this fact is how many people reach for an Aladdin costume or a Jasmine costume come Halloween time.  These fabulous Disney costumes are even favorite toddler costumes, kids costumes and girl’s costumes.

Among the cutest of these costumes is the Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume.  There is just no way around it; the Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume is just adorable!  The lavender pantsuit comes with a glitter overlay and a bejeweled purple headpiece.  Combined with all its intricate designs this is one toddler costume and child costume that is bound to get a lot of compliments.

For a little extra cute touch, why not add a genie lamp?  Or perhaps your little Jasmine can show up to the Halloween party or costume party accompanied by her own pint-sized Aladdin.  Now that is just about as cute as it gets!

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