John Q. Woodstock Adult Costume

There is no way of denying that the 60’s really took the use of color to a whole new level.  If you like costumes that are all about wild colors and style that gets people’s attention in a serious way, you might want to consider a hippie costume.  The John Q. Woodstock Adult Costume is a great example of a sixties costume.

What reflects the style of the 1960s better than rainbow stripped pants?  There is no way anyone won’t see you coming wearing pants like these.  And just think; can anyone at any party you attend be in a bad mood seeing you approach with these wild-stripped pants, a colorful shirt and a groovy vest?  It’s just not possible!

The John Q. Woodstock Adult Costume is a nice example of men’s costume that you allow you to be the life of the party.  Your wild hair, crazy pants and groovy furry vest all say that you have come in peace and want to spread good time and love.

This fun adult costume is also a good one for couples.  Why not take a friend or your significant other to the Halloween or costume party dressed like a groovy 60’s lady.  Perhaps one of the best aspects of the John Q. Woodstock Adult Costume is that it makes you very approachable. Don’t be surprised if you don’t make a few friends.

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