Joker Costumes

Batman is one of the most famous super heroes ever, which of course makes The Joker the most famous villain. Since the beginning Joker has been Batman’s nemesis and almost exactly the opposite of him in every way. The most obvious way that Joker differs from Batman is his appearance. As where Batman wears very dark costumes and a dark mask, the Joker’s costume is brightly colored, flamboyant and over the top. Like a sinister clown, the Joker constantly has a huge smile on his face, even as he commits devious acts, which contrasts strongly with Batman’s stern and serious demeanor.

The Joker costume overall hasn’t changed much throughout the years, keeping elements like a purple suit, green hair and white face makeup. Although there have been some revisions from comics, to TV and movies. Arguably the most drastic and popular change to the Joker’s look has been the Dark Knight rendition. Rather than perfectly white skin the Dark Knight Joker wears messy and smeared make up and paints his famous red smile over scars around his mouth. Previously Joker costumes had been much less gritty and more humorous in appearance.

Even though the clown face of the Joker seems humorous, the story behind it is actually quite ghastly. In most versions of the Joker’s story he isn’t wearing clown make up, but rather his skin was disfigured from an accident with a chemical, making him permanently look as though he’s wearing clown make up. When wearing a Joker costume it’s a good idea to go big on the props. The Joker likes to carry bombs, fake guns that shoot “BANG” banners and other silly weapons and gadgets.

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