Kids Costumes

People of all ages love to dress up in costumes, but the love of dressing up really starts when you’re a kid. Kids love to play pretend and dress up in cool costumes all year round, not just on Halloween. Little girls play love to dress up like princesses, ballerinas and fairies with little tiaras, tutus and wings. Many girls also like to dress up like pop stars with sunglasses and feather boas while they sing together. Boys on the other hand often like to wear masks and makeshift capes and pretend to be their favorite superheroes like Batman and Superman. Girls and boys both will often wear costumes when they are playing games like cops and robbers or house… taking items and clothing from all over the house or even Mom and Dad’s closet. Of course parents can encourage their kids to play dress up and provide costume accessories like hats, costume jewelry, wigs, or even let them keep their old Halloween costumes to play with all year.

Kids costumes for Halloween or playtime can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. Sometimes homemade kids costumes made of cheap supplies can be just as fun as fancy store bought costumes. Kids really love to participate in making their own costumes so making your own kids costume can be a great way to spend quality time together as a family.

For kids, every holiday is a great excuse to dress up in a fun costume. Christmas time is a great excuse to wear an elf costume or a nativity costume while Thanksgiving is a great time to dress like Indians and pilgrims. Even St. Patrick’s Day might inspire your little one to dress like a leprechaun. When you’re a kid, there really isn’t a perfect time to wear a fun kids costume.

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