King Costumes

The king costume thus lends itself very well for adaptation as a Halloween costume.  King costumes and royalty costumes are easy Halloween picks because they are very flashy and ornate by their very nature.  Within the "king category" of king costumes there is a great deal of variety that might be surprising to some people.

Consider for a moment that both The Lord Of The Rings Witch King costume and the Burger King costume both fall into the king costume category.  Within the king costume category there is a wide variety of king costumes to choose from, which also include Elvis Presley costumes, Lion King costumes and even King of Hearts costumes. One thing is true for all king costumes, you will feel powerful, strong and confident when you walk into a room adorned in a long robe, gloves, and usually jewels.

One way to definitely make Halloween more enjoyable is through a kid’s king costume. What will bring more smiles than a cute kid dressed up in a kid’s king costume? You might not realize it, but there are even infant king costumes, including a baby Elvis costume.

For the adults there are a bunch of options of all sorts and kinds.  The real trick is to ask yourself what kind of king you want to be.  The type of king you want to be will greatly influence the type of adult king costume you should zero in on.  The traditional king costume is always going to get some looks, but if you are seeking a costume that is more whimsical in nature, maybe the Burger King costume would be more to your liking.

Of course, Halloween is all about fun; so don't be afraid to be a "wacky and crazy" king if that is the mood you are in.   You can even find an Elvis dog costume for man's best friend.

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