KISS and make-up costumes

"You wanted the best and you got the best...the hottest band in the world...KISS" My beautiful wife of nearly 20 years was undoubtedly the best sport of all. She agreed to help me celebrate my favorite rock and roll band of all time, KISS! Nearly every part of all the costumes were hand made and/or manipulated, changed or modified in some way. From motocross and catcher's gear to the faux leather coat and platform boots...all parts came from ebay, craigslist, local thrift stores and even my garage. We attended two separtate Halloween parties on Oct 24th and won first place at both parties. We plan on attending two more parties on Oct 30th and 31st...and yes we plan on winning again! Rock On!! Love, Gene Simmons (Jack) and Paul Stanley (Karen)

Submitted by Jack Murrin, Arlington, WA

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