Lady Gaga Costumes

In much the same way that Michael Jackson or Madonna made names for themselves by pushing every limit they could in terms of music and style, Lady Gaga has left her mark on the music world forever. Every look that Lady Gaga sports is more outrageous than the last and has a definite impact on the fashion world and pop culture. She pushes all kinds of limits with her clothing, makeup and hair, which makes dressing up in a Lady Gaga costume so much fun for fans.

Of course part of what makes a Lady Gaga costume appealing is her attitude and style as a singer. Her lyrics are as striking as her look and she’s known for amazing music videos that keep people talking. All in all Lady Gaga is a one of a kind performer that knows how to get attention. That’s why wearing a Lady Gaga costume can be a great way to get a lot of attention, especially at a costume party.

Lady Gaga has many looks to choose from, inspired from music videos, live performances or just her normal attire out on the street. Some of her most popular looks include her bubbles costume, Kermit the frog coat and costumes from her Poker Face, Bad Romance and Telephone music videos. Although any Lady Gaga look is memorable and exciting. The TV show Glee devoted an entire episode to Lady Gaga and featured many costumes inspired from her music videos and appearances, paying homage to this incredible singer and trend setter.

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