Lady Gaga Hello KItty Costumes

I am a huge Hello Kitty and Lady Gaga fan. When the celebrity photography duo Markus Klinko and Indrani showcased their photo shoot on their BRAVO show Double Exposure from the Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary with Lady Gaga, I was hooked! I re-created my own version of the Hello Kitty dress and shoes. Once I got the idea to re-create this costume, it wasn't easy and it was cheap! I spend an entire month brainstorming and perfecting this costume! I also had to find other options for the shoes, because lip gloss tins were used in the original shoes and would have been so expensive! I found Hello Kitty face cupcake rings and I bought special tools to cut off the ring part so they would glue right on to my shoes For the dress I bought different size Hello Kitty dolls and pinned them on a corset type top and two tutus. I am really excited to wear this costume this year on Halloween!!

Submitted by Amy Fleschert, Los Angeles, CA

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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