Lara Croft Legend Costume


Believe it or not, the Tomb Raider heroine of Lara Croft first appeared in a video game back in 1996.  In just a few short years, she has become nothing less than one of the most recognized video game characters in history.  This is especially true with men, of course.  Lara is sexy, athletic, capable, and has a great British accent. She wears tight fitting clothing, and is usually very well armed.  For fun she likes to explore tombs and occasionally must kill all sorts of bad things.  No wonder she is a popular girl!

Lara Croft costumes and Tomb Raider costumes are quite popular every year for some pretty obvious reasons.  A Lara Croft costume makes a woman look very strong and sexy. The Lara Croft Legend Costume is a particularly good example of how impressive a Lara Croft costume can be.  The Lara Croft Legend Deluxe Adult Costume pays great tribute to this video game legend. So much of the character’s video game costume detail has been translated into this Lara Croft costume.  The thigh cropped top and rather short and form-fitting shorts are accurately reproduced.  Also, accurately reproduced are Lara’s belt, backpack and gloves.  Just add the dual holsters, dual pistols, some high-top boots such as the Bandit (Black) Adult Boots, and you are ready to go.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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