Left 4 Dead Costumes

Left 4 Dead, one of the biggest video games about zombies ever, is also an incredibly in style costume idea. The game is a cooperative first person shooter that parodies cheesy B movie zombie movies. Each campaign in the game has a cliché title (like “No Mercy” which leads to Mercy hospital and “Death Toll” which leads to a toll booth). In fact the game tries to capture a cinematic effect in its overall atmosphere, lighting, camera angles and of course background music.

The four survivor characters fall in line with some stereotypical movie character types, including Francis, the angry biker, Bill a veteran soldier, Zoey, a college student and Louis, a salesman. The survivors make a great Left 4 Dead group costume idea as they are recognizable yet easy to costumes to put together. Props such as costume weapons, health pack and pills help add well known elements of the game to fans.

While the survivors make good costume ideas, many fans find it incredibly fun to dress up as infected Left 4 Dead characters, or zombies from the game. While the game is flooded with generic zombie characters, it also has special infected characters that have mutated into strange monsters. The special infected include the Boomer, the Hunter, the Smoker, the Witch and the Tank. Each special infected zombie has a unique look that makes them ideal for creating a recognizable Left 4 Dead infected costume. Some special infected costumes are easier to make than others. For example the Hunter only requires a hoodie, some duct tape and blood. However a Smoker costume requires an extremely long tongue and lumps that cover most of the wearer’s face. Creating a Left 4 Dead costume takes a lot of dedication, but in the end is worthwhile if you’re a big fan of the video game series.

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