LEGO Costumes

Anyone looking for a fun and creative toy costume idea might consider a Lego costume. Lego costumes, whether they are blocks or Lego men are fun for kids and adults alike. Everyone loves Legos and will instantly recognize one of their favorite childhood toys, making your Lego costume a hit.

Lego block costumes can be really easy and cheap to make. All you need is foam or cardboard and some paint. Legos make a great group costume idea and everyone in the group can choose their favorite color. The only possible downside to Lego costumes is that they are boxy and bulky and may limit your mobility so it’s a good idea to have a friend nearby who can help you in and out of your costume.

If Lego bricks don’t have enough personality for you, there’s always the option to go with a Lego Man costume. There are a lot of possibilities with a Lego Man costume because there are so many types of Lego Man figures. The popularity of Lego games like Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones have added to the popularity of Lego Man costumes in a big way. More and more people are making their own homemade Lego costumes out of foam, cardboard and other materials. Lego man costumes are a great twist on popular costume ideas. For example, there may be plenty of girls and women who dress up as Princess Leia for Star Wars themed events, but you’re likely to be the only Princess Leia Lego person.

Lego costumes are a lot of fun for all ages and especially great for group costumes. And most of the time they only require some cardboard, poster board and of course, creativity.

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