Lion Costumes

Lions are known for their strength and courage, so it’s easy to see why they are among the most well-liked animal costume ideas. Lions have also been popular parts of many stories making kids lion costumes extremely popular.

When it comes to lion characters that make great costumes the first that comes to mind is the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. And of course there’s Simba and Nala and the other lions from the Disney movie the Lion King, which make great kids lion costume ideas. Another popular character that would make a great lion costume is Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia. There are also some less common lion characters like the Lion from the Dr. Seuss book Ten Apples on Top. The point is that it’s easy to find inspiration for a great kids lion costume based on characters and stories.

Adults of course like to wear lion costumes too. In fact a fun couples costume idea might be a sexy lion tamer and a lion. Lion costumes for pets are always a hit too. A lion costume for a cat is a fitting choice, especially if your small house cat seems to think he’s really king of the jungle. Dog lion costumes are also a lot of fun and depending on the coloring of the dog’s fur all you need to pull off the costume is a mane.

There’s really no way to go wrong with a lion costume, whether it’s for adults, kids, or even pets. Lion costumes can be realistic with big fuzzy manes or more whimsical and brightly colored depending on your style.

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