Little Lucy and Ricky Costumes

This is my two year old daughter Leila Jayde and her cousin Christian as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Me and my mother made the Lucy costume. Everything is homemade except for a few parts of the dress and the jewelry.

I like to incorporate her naturally curly red hair into her Halloween costumes. Last year she was Pebbles Flintstone.

We bought the dress at a resale shop. It was supposed to be a Minnie Mouse costume from the Disney store, but we made several changes to make it look like a 50's style dress. I made the apron by hand and the "I Love Lucy" heart was made with a piece of felt and white fabric paint.

I used a razor to cut the big white bow off the front of the dress and hot glued a hair clip to it to make the "Lucy" bow.

The idea to add Ricky was last minute, so we had to dress him in last years Easter outfit.

Submitted by Lacey, texas

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