Little Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf Costumes

Little Red was walking through the woods to her Grandmother's house and came across this creature in her Grandmother's Bed.

What big ears you have Grandma!
(Mask made from a paper plate formed into a nose, ears and forehead, this attached to a stocking cap covered in fake fir and felt.)

What big teeth you have Grandma!!!
(Also made from a paper plate, attached to a headband. Teeth made from homemade clay painted with fingernail polish.)

Luckily the Wolf didn't have an appetite for little girl tonight.
(Little Red's Outfit: Cape made out of 1.5 yd of red fabric. Dingle balls for trim. Skirt made out of a tablecloth folded in half. Trimmed with hunk of blue fabric w/ a sweet design made by the sewing machine. Vest made out of left over yellow fabric laced with nilon rope. Necklace: a heart cutout of Little Red's real Grandmother.)

The Big Bad wolf was still a scary looking creature though.
(Legs: Jeans covered by fir to the knees. Feet: Shoes covered by fir plus homemade claws. Arms: Fir to the elbow attached to a modified nighty. Hands: Knit gloves covered with fir and homemade claws. Back: big hole cut out to make night cap. Hole filled with fir and plugged with a tail out of fir and a coat hanger. Neck: cut off turtle neck covered with fir.)

Big Bad and Little Red decided it would be better if they would just get along. So, the made their way to party after party and scared a few little kids.

Submitted by Brittany Bosman, Everson, WA

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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