Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

Fairy tales have a great ability to tap into our collective fears and create stories that we never forget.  The story of Little Red Riding Hood is one of the best-known fairy tales of all time.  Almost everyone has heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood’s trip to visit her grandmother only to find a wolf waiting for her.  Many people are now familiar with the Brothers Grimm version of the story from the 1800s. But the roots of the story, like many fairy tales, appear to go back even further.  One thing is for certain; the story of Little Red Riding Hood continues to resonate today with children and adults alike.

Where costumes are concerned, there is a bit of a surprise in with the Little Red Riding Hood costumes.  A great many of the fairy tale costumes that concern Little Red Riding Hood are for women who are looking to attract a “big bad wolf” of an altogether different sort than in the original fairy tale.

Many of these costumes feature short skirts, and lots of lace. Playboy has even produced a Little Red costume of its own, the Playboy Little Red Vixen Adult Costume.

There are some really fun Little Red Riding Hood costumes out there, such as the big bad wolf costumes.  One really entertaining big bad wolf costume is the big Bad Wolf Elite Collection Adult Costume, which comes with a nightgown and truly realistic wolf mask.  This costume opens up some great possibilities for couples to show up at a costume party or Halloween party dressed as the famous duo.  That will give them something to talk about.

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