Luigi Toddler Halloween Costumes


Go anywhere in the world today and Mario of Super Mario Brothers fame is likely to be a recognized sight with both adults and children.  Nintendo released the first Super Mario Brothers video game in 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Mario was already a big star thanks to his success in Donkey Kong.  It may shock many to learn that Super Mario Brothers is one of the best selling video games of all time.  In fact, some estimates are that this wildly popular video game sold a whopping 40 million copies.  (A number only recently surpassed by another Nintendo property, Wii Sports.)

As an established cultural icon, Mario has become a Halloween costume fixture.  The Super Mario Brothers costume makes regular appearances at Halloween parties annually.  Considering that the little plumber only continues to get more popular with each decade, its safe to state that a Mario costume has likely already entered the “classic costume” category

One aspect of the Mario’s costume’s charm is how cute it looks on a toddler.  The Super Mario Toddler Costume with its “distinctively Mario” blue overhauls, red shirt and red cap makes it an easy hit.  This is a great child’s costume or toddler’s costume as well.  And best of all it has an inflatable belly to add even more authenticity to the Super Mario look.

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