Mad Scientist Costumes

Part of the fun of wearing costume is of course role play, whether they are Halloween costumes, cosplay costumes or for a costume party. Mad scientist costumes are especially fun when it comes to role play because… well, they are mad! Mad scientists act over the top, performing crazy experiments and inventing strange contraptions. Mad scientists usually fall victim to their hubris, often partaking in experiments beyond their control. Not every mad scientist character is an evil villain, although that is a common trait.

Some mad scientist characters that are considered good, or at least not evil, include Doc from Back to the Future movies and Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory. Another example of a mad scientist who’s intentions are good, is Gyro Gearloose from Disney’s Duck Tails. In some cases a Mad Scientist character might be considered evil or malicious, but still be a protagonist, such as Dr. Horrible from Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog.

Mad scientist costumes usually include similar features such as messy white hair, a lab coat, goggles and gloves. Usually mad scientist costumes include props such as test tubes, clipboards or remote controls meant to control their inventions. Of course it’s possible to give a mad scientist costume your own personal spin. For instance a steampunk mad scientist costume might not include the standard white lab coat, but a leather garment instead. Sometimes mad scientists are associated with bad fashion sense, like geek glasses, bowties and clothes that don’t match under their coat.

So if you’re looking for a costume idea that will let you get a little bit crazy, a mad scientist costume is a great choice. Start practicing your maniacal laugh now.

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