Mad Scientist Doctor Costume

Ah, the mad scientists.  The mad scientists were largely popularized by cinema in movies like Metropolis.  In Metropolis C.A. Rotwang is a brilliant scientist who is attempting to create a robotic woman. For many people, Rotwang is the archetype of the mad scientist.  Of course, since Fritz Lang’s 1927 masterpiece we have seen the notion of the mad scientist become a fixture in cinema and literature.  Mad scientists make annual appearances in television shows, movies and comic books.  With all of this exposure, no wonder the iconic imagery of the mad scientist and the mad scientist costume are so instantly recognized.

The mad scientist is a fine Halloween costume as it is a little scary, but mostly a fun filled character at this point.  He is likely to be a bit cranky, brainy and full of energy.  The Mad Scientist Doctor Costume really fits the archetypal image of the mad scientist really well.  The white ankle-length lab coat with side buttons running along the side, black gloves and belt make this adult costume easy recognized.  To really flush this wacky look out even more, consider adding a wild wig like the Einstein Wig and get a pair of wild glasses.  Halloween is great time to let your mad genius out to play, so take full advantage and slide into that mad scientist costume.

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