Mail Order Bride Costumes

Mail Order Bride Costumes

I was looking online for creative Halloween costume ideas and stumbled on a picture of a lady who was a Mail Order Bride. She was wearing a wedding dress and stuck stamps all over the dress. I thought that is a great idea, and original... no one does mail order bride for Halloween. So I thought it would be awesome to make a dress out of envelopes!
I told my mom this:
I want a corset top that laces up in the back, a full tea length skirt, and a vail with lace and bubble wrap; then I handed her a stack of Fed Ex envelopes and said here is your fabric. She is a very experienced seamstress so she had no problem bringing my idea to life, and EXACTLY how I wanted it! To finish the costume, I made a bracelet and necklace out of packing peanuts and bought a huge (fake) ring.

Total Cost:$10 (The ring)
My mom had everything else, and the envelopes were free

Use big fiber envelops as you will have more flexibility with them, and an easier time sewing them together.
There are not a lot of postal services that have fiber envelops. I only found Fed Ex and the post office that had them. I originally wanted to have a tiered skirt and each tier would be out of different companies, but that did not work out. Although I do like how it is all matching and white as I only used Fed Ex envelopes. If I had used UPS my dress would have been brown, and wedding dresses are NOT brown!

Submitted by Bianca Johnson, Santa Clara, CA


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