Marilyn Monroe Costume


Zombie-Marilyn-Monroe-and-James-Dean-Costumes-thFew actors, actresses, or entertainers have created the lasting impact on popular culture that Marilyn Monroe has.  Her all too brief film career left a lasting and permanent impact on the American culture.  And for many people, she remains one of the sexiest women who ever appeared on screen in any Hollywood film.  Not surprisingly, the Marilyn Monroe costume has become a classic costume.  It never goes out of style and is popular one year as the next.  In a subtle way, the consistent popularity of the Marilyn Monroe costume is a testament to her long-term impact on global culture.

The Deluxe Marilyn Adult Costume takes her famous white pleated dress from the classic film “The Seven Year Itch” and immortalizes it.  Few images from film history are as instantly recognized as the image of Monroe wearing this very famous dress.  Almost everyone recognizes this great woman’s costume, which also makes for a refined and elegant sexy costume.

Of all the images associated with Marilyn Monroe it may be this pleated white dress from “The Seven Year Itch” that is remembered by the most people.  This Halloween, what better tribute could be paid to this incredible beauty and actress than to wear a Marilyn Monroe costume?

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