Mario vs Star Wars Mash Up Paintings

As fans of pretty much everything pop culture, we love pop culture mash-ups like these Mario vs Star Wars Mash-up paintings by Misha, an LA artist. It's comical to see characters from the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise in recognizable Star Wars costumes and settings. Her paintings portray Princess Peach as Princess Leia, Mario as Luke Skywalker, Luigi as Han Solo and of course, Bowser as Darth Vader. Yoshi also makes an appearance as Yoda and Walugi as 3CPO and Wario as R2D2.

Misha says she's a big fan of video games.

"The funniest of them, is 'Luigi in Carbonite,'" she said.

Check out more of Misha's work at her website.

Via LA Weekly

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