MC Hammer Costume

MC Hammer Costume

Everyone remembers MC Hammer and his famous songs and unique personality during the 80’s. And when an MC Hammer Costume comes to mind, most people also instantly think of MC Hammer pants.  Haven’t you always wanted a pair? Now is your chance.

There is no arguing that MC Hammer had a lot of personal style.  This rapper and dancer broke onto the scene in the 1980’s with catchy songs like “U Can’t Touch This” “2 Legit 2 Quit” and “Pray.” He had eye-catching costumes, high intensity energy, and a big entourage of back-up dancers.

A MC Hammer Costume will be sure to grab everyone’s attention.  It is completely gold from head to toe, with a shiny gold jacket and of course, gold and excessively baggy parachute pants.  The MC Hammer shirt is a black mesh pattern sure to bring back memories for many people.  These ridiculously funny, shiny parachute pants will be sure to get smiles and laughs wherever you go.

Don’t be surprised if people keep asking you to perform some Hammer dance moves.  Your MC Hammer costume, of course, wouldn’t be complete without some flamboyant dancing.  You might want to catch up on some of his special moves like the Hammer dance and the Running Man.  Now you too can become 2 Legit to Quit!

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