Medievel Monk Adult Costume


Medievel-Monk-Adult-CostumeThe Medieval Monk Adult Costume is one of those costumes that people can see coming a mile away.  The distinct, and most definitely timeless look of the monk costume is certainly going to garner its wearer a bunch of attention.  Monk costumes are a bit of a rarity as they allow their wearer to behave in a variety of ways.  For example, a person wearing a monk costume can easily blend into the background and remain silent.  After all you are a monk, perhaps you have taken a vow of silence.  Or you can get a few cheap laughs by breaking all the rules and being the life of the party.  For most, the site of a wild and out of control monk is going to get at the very least a few chuckles.

The Medieval Monk Plus Adult Costume is an excellent plus sized costume in that it accommodates those weighing up to 300 pounds.  It’s a loose fitting costume that is rather authentic and can be dressed up quite well.  What would a monk costume be without a robe belt and wig?  The included wig adds much to the overall authentic look of the costume as the wig has the traditional “bowl shaped” cut that is so often associated with the monk costume.  By simply adding a Monk’s Cross and a good pair of simple sandals, this timeless monk costume can join the party come Halloween.

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