Mermaid Costume for Adults


You have to love costumes that have a big “wow” factor.  The Glitter Mermaid Fantasy Adult Costume is indeed a fantasy.  This women’s costume features a dress whose midsection is a see-through mesh.  The top and bottom of the dress are adorned with an artistic scale design, making the overall dress nothing short of hypnotic and enchanting, just as a mermaid should be.  Once you slide into this sexy costume, you will understand why the mermaid has held such great power over our imaginations for so long.

The myths regarding the mermaid are indeed ancient.  References to mermaid like creatures appear in Greek mythology, British folklore and the Arabian Nights, for example.  The concept that there are human civilizations living and breathing underwater is a concept that has been popular around the world.  Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid succeeded in breathing new live back into the mermaid mythology, making mermaid costumes spike in popularity.

The mermaid is one of those enduring concepts that have been with man from ancient times.  It’s an idea and a fantasy that remains with us to this day.  Mermaid costumes make sexy Halloween costumes that are sure to make a splash each and every year.


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