Mermaid Costumes

Little girls and big girls alike love the mermaid costume.  The mermaid costume is one of those timeless costumes that are infused with mystery, magic and intrigue. The mermaid has historically been a source of mystery and legend on the high seas. For centuries, sailors all across the world and from different backgrounds have reported seeing the mysterious half-human, half-fish creatures.  Are the legends true?  Who can say exactly, but the mystery of the mermaid has a certain power.  And the mermaid costume keeps this mystery alive!

Young girls love mermaid Halloween costumes because they are designed to be fun and magical, yet cute and pretty.  The Little Mermaid costume from the wildly popular Disney film has helped fuel the popularity of mermaid costumes in recent years.   As a result, the Ariel mermaid costume is likely the most popular of the mermaid costumes.

Child mermaid costumes and toddler mermaid costumes are very popular with parents are for obvious reasons.  What makes for a cuter photo than your little girl in a mermaid costume complete with a green tailfin and headband?  Of course, mermaid costumes make girls, toddlers and babies look adorable and make for a perfect Halloween costume.

The mermaid Halloween costume isn't just for the little ones.  No surprise women of all ages have discovered the adult mermaid costume as well.  Usually ocean themed long aqua dresses and shell necklaces are part of the adult mermaid costume.  Adult mermaid costumes work well for women during Halloween. They have a hint of magic and always make women look sexy!

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