Michael Jackson Adult Costume


Few celebrities or performers of any kind had the impact of Michael Jackson.  This talented performer accomplished a great deal in his fifty years on earth and was more than a simple musician and songwriter.  Jackson transcended his presence as an international celebrity and cultural icon, and he became a businessman and creative force in the world of entertainment.  His premature death only served to remind his fans of his tremendous talent and his contribution to the world of music.

There are lots of choices when it comes to adult costumes but few are as instantly recognized as “the King of Pop.”  The Michael Jackson (Bad) Adult Costume, much like the Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket Adult Costume, will be instantly recognizable to people.  The Michael Jackson (Bad) Adult Costume is an exciting pick for a men’s costume, as it has tremendous detail and makes a striking statement.  This costume includes a black jacket full of zippers and buckles, and pants with multiple buckles running down the side.  It is pure Michael Jackson.  Few women’s costumes or men’s costumes can match this innovative look for overall style.

Like many celebrities of the past, the imagery surrounding Michael Jackson is likely to become a fixture at Halloween for decades to come, if not even longer.  Don’t be surprised if fifty years from now, people are still wearing Michael Jackson costumes to Halloween parties and costume parties all around the globe.

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