Michael Jackson Costume


Michael Jackson may no longer be with us, but his work and the images he created will no doubt last forever.  In his fifty years on earth, Michael Jackson accomplished more than most people ever aspire to accomplish, and he left a lasting impression on his fans across the world.  Jackson was already an established musical star, but his Beat It music video was a phenomenon that few, if any artists, have accomplished before or since.

This remarkably iconic Beat It look helped make Michael Jackson an established persona in virtually every country around the world.  Many would say that it was the Beat It song and music video that truly launched Michael Jackson into stardom.  With all of this in mind, it is no real shock that Michael Jackson costumes are wildly popular adult costumes and stand out amongst both men’s costumes and women’s costumes.

The Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket Adult Costume has Jackson trademark red jacket, in this case made of faux leather, with its slew of zippers and detachable sleeves.  There are also some striking silver embellishments on the shoulders and a zipper along the collar.  One of the great aspects of this costume is that it will likely remain just as iconic now as it will be in twenty or thirty years.  Just don’t be surprised if people keep asking you to moonwalk.

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