Michael Jackson Costumes

Pop stars are always a great source of inspiration for costume ideas, so naturally the King of Pop makes one of the best sources of inspiration. Michael Jackson costumes have been popular for decades and will be popular for many more years to come. Michael Jackson has had so many unique looks throughout his career in so many different music videos, that there are tons of amazing ideas to choose from.

Michael Jackson costumes have been homemade in the past, but are also easy to buy in sizes for kids and adults. Many costume stores sell complete Michael Jackson costumes as well as accessories like wigs and gloves. Depending on what style you’re going for there are different wigs available, from the curly 80s look to the straight 90s look.

Michael Jackson costumes are usually based on one of his music videos, which all had memorable costumes and styles. One of the most popular costumes ever is the Michael Jackson Thriller costume, especially around Halloween because it’s so scary. Of course other videos inspire great costumes too, like Bad and Beat it. Another of Michael’s popular looks is his Military Prince costume which can be found in many costume stores.

Accessories and outfits aside, of course one of the most important aspects of getting your Michael Jackson costume right is of course the dance movies, namely the Moonwalk and the Thriller dance. That’s part of what makes this costume idea so much fun—it’s all about theatrics. The more you sing and dance the better your Michael Jackson costume will be.

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